Be Safe Tonight

Everyone knows that drunk drivers will be on the loose tonight, so please everyone be truly defensive and maintain a speed that you can suddenly change trajectory and not lose control. If you’re going to be the designated driver (as I will be), don’t drink or anything else. Please everyone have fun, be safe and make it back to your families alive.

We look farward to seeing you dumb buts on here for a long time to come…

Funny you should mention this. Last night as I picked up my wife I noticed the streets were empty. This morning when I woke up to go to work there were tire marks as well as dirt flung all over the corner of my street where a car went out of control and flung into a curb, the tire marks showed it.

Again, as I came to work and approached bend there were numerous tire marks that I did not see the night before, one of the more noticeable ones was tire marks from what appeared to be a small car locking its brakes up as it came into a turning lane and suddenly stopping before actually the tire marks came to the end where you would turn, at the point where the marks stopped there was broken glass. Some unlucky person last night hit a curb at high speed and lost control and another unlucky person got rear-ended hardcore on highway 97.

It is far too bad that people make the decision to drink and drive. Anyone doing so should be not only NOT allowed to drive but should get serious jailtime. The ones that kill people should have to live with their victims family for a couple months so they can see how much it impacts a family. Its too bad really.

Whats really sad is the very element that allows you to survive a crash is automatically present when you are drunk: being totally relaxed. Drunk drivers have a higher survival rate in fatal crashes, which means they most likely will always be around to see what they caused.

BTW, ZXtuners, sound off so we know you are still there. I’m alive. :smiley:

Indeed, I’m here. I had a hell of a time dodging checkpoints but I got all my friends home safely. The HPD did a great job of setting up a lot of checkpoints this year, but after 3 a.m. they sorta disappeared. I haven’t heard of any major accidents in the area as of yet. Had fun at the strip club, my girlfriend even came with, which was very odd, but cool. We all went out ‘clubbin’, one of my friends tried to throw up in my mom’s car. We even went to some street races, didn’t see any spectacular cars, just the typical tuner and muscle guys, it was all love there, no disrespecting of vehicle preference, probably cause’ everyone was in a good mood just having fun. These first few hours of the new year has started great. I even got a good nights rest.

im here! no major accidents around me that Im aware of. Looks like all the drunks stayed home here in Sullivan County, NY.

im here! no major accidents around me that Im aware of. Looks like all the drunks stayed home here in Sullivan County, NY.

Good, I guess the deer weren’t out and the guard rails stayed to the side of the road. I was a little concerned for ya Mark, because 2006 wasn’t a good year for your car.

lol it sure wasnt it. 2007 will be better for her.

We’re good.

  • Darron

rofl this made me laugh. It also made me think of that sega game pole position and pole position II where you gotta dodge the formula 1 racers but instead, i imagined the sides of the roads with guardrails and the racers were deer. This made me laugh even harder.

That visual was awsome.


:-D Im still here, no drunken tire marks on the roads around where I live, in GA. I just stayed home and chilled with the family. Greeat times...