Battlefield 2 Community

I am starting a new Battlefield 2 Community. Everyone is welcome who enjoys gaming. We can set up other game server for those people too.


Is it just a forum? Because I really want to join a clan. A clan with good people. I hate it when I can go and kill everyone in a building on my own, ask for backup and no one shows. And if they do, they don’t watch my back while I’m healing and reloading.

We have a server also!

So don’t worry :wink:, I am going to be playing tonight so come join up. Its not really a clan just a gaming community but we do have tags :stuck_out_tongue: [mgg] :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your Xbox Tag? I send a friend request.

Your playing Modern Combat? Yeah I have a PC but you can still join the site. I will create a section for Modern Combat.

sorry I don’t have a XBOX tag:( let alone a XBOX :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Chris is a pansy PC gamer. :wink:

  • Darron

Damn! Owell

Are we talking PC or XBox

I use Xbox.


Yeah, Chris is a pansy PC gamer.

Hey, we PC gamers are much more elite in our skills.


Better, faster, more support. I’m a PC gamer mostly.

w3rd! W3 Ar3 L337!!!

OMG WTF BBQ! J00 r0xx0r my b0xx0rz! w00t for 1337!

I got BF 2, my xbox 360 controller is setup! lets rock!

I guess I’m gonna have to get Battlefield 2 for my PC. Which one do you have? Just the one, or the one with expansion pack?

just the regular… I was pissed leaving work one day and decided to get a game to blow some peoples away. lol.

The Expansion Pack is alright, most people focus on BF2.