battery light on

Ok, my battery light went on today and it would die while driving and when it came to a stop I had to rev it to keep it from dying again. The power steering went out and after 45 mph the car would vibrate. It would start up again after a few times. I would crank, but not quite turn over. My lights are quite dim also. I am thinking it is the alternator, possibly the battery. As for the power steering, when I lifted the hood, I realized that the serpentine belt has fallen off and was dangling there. I found the diagram for the belt to put it back on, but I can’t get back out there to put it on now. Not quite sure for the shaking besides the fact that i just had all four struts replaced and new Sumitomos put on, but I do need both tire rod ends, go figure. Can anyone give me any insight into this? The check engine light isn’t on, so it isn’t an O2 sensor or anything.

Sounds like the Alternator was going on you, but because you found the Serpentine belt off, it could be just that. Since it fell off, look very carefully at each pulley and make sure they aren’t bent and make sure the tensioner is doing it’s job. If all is good…then you must have hit one hell of a bump to get that belt off.

As for the vibration, where does it feel it is coming from? If it felt like from the engine, it could be because the engine wasn’t running right. Try and explain the vibration again or see if it happens to you again after you fix the problem ^ABOVE^.

make sure you check the belt for any cracks and / or missing grooves. This can also cause problems. The fact that the belt came off leads me to believe it maybe time to replace it and or a pulley.

What they said.

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