Battery light at high rpm?

Hi all,
This is my first post here, but I have been lurking for a while. I have a problem with my 2000 zx2 and need some advice.
I’ve tried to figure this one out, but I’m stumped. When I get on it and get to about 5k rpm the batter light flickers. Another thing I am noticing is it seems like the car is sluggish, but not exactly missing or anything. It just doesnt have the punch.

I have replaced plugs, wires and the battery. I had the alternator tested and it is putting out plenty of juice. Should I drop in a new coil? Have any of you had any experience with the MSD coils for the ZX2? Can any of you steer me in a direction from here?


Though I’m not 100% on you solution, I’m betting you are moving in the right direction with replacing your Coil Pack. I would also check your spark plugs and make sure they don’t have build up or have gone bad.

The MSD coil pack is a replacement, not a step up as one might think. So pick up an OEM or get the MSD.

I’ve had no issues with my MSD coil since I put it in.

  • Darron

Heh, I just posted a reply in another thread that talked about this. Like I said there I’ve noticed a slight pickup in acceleration but most apparent is the improved idle. Weather that is due to the stock one being in bad shape (and I mean BAD) I don’t know, but I’m happy.