Bare with us guys

Now with the new management team on. We will be having some up coming changes with the site. With this everything should flow a lot smoother coming up here in the next couple of days. If you have any problems or questions you can always get a hold of me from the contact below.



I can’t wait to see some improvements to this site.Congrats to derrick for taking new management!

Yes congrats that he has the site. It’s in good hands. You should enjoy if the idea’s come all through which they should.

I am aware of the plans, so that should make this forum even better.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Feel free to welcome the crowd back home!

Please refer to This Thread if you have any questions.

Also please bare with us while we are changing the look and feel. I am going through a lot of different modifications to the forum’s look that are requiring some decent time to modify, so please understand you may have to see this template a tad longer :wink: