Well i’m posting here because i was banned from…i did nothing wrong i was just telling Vit that he should stop making fun of peoples turbo kits because he has no place to say since he has never made one…well he didn’t like this so he banned me. I just don’t get how this little power trip nerd got in charge to do whatever he wanted. I think it’s pretty bogus if you ask me. Vit if you are reading this you will never ban me since you are going to have to ban a whole college campus IP address since i go to college. Have fun!!!

Dont let vits antics get to you. I dont frequent team too often because I see the way people are treated there. Your welcome to call this place home if you want!

dotto on what mark said
on here even if i or some one doesnt like your personal tast we apreciate your tast and willingness to learn as much as you can from other members … so have fun surfing the boards

ok after talking to jason (unlikely hero and him talking to xeno) i’m back on…Vit denies the whole thing tho…

Um smooth you weren’t a perfect angel there bud. I agree vit may have got defensive, and a ban wasn’t so cool, but you were still poking the conversation with a stick. Either way, welcome to zx2ms if you stay. :slight_smile:


Did the page say you were banned, or could you simply not access the site? Since our move, the DNS has been very shaky. I’m still helping several people access the site. If you simply couldnt load the page, you were not banned. If you did get a page, please tell me what it said on it.

In addition, I have log files, from our server, of all of the supposed incidents, and believe me when I say vit hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary.

You have been following vit around and bitching, coming on here and bitching, going on fuelempire and bitching. I think its time somebody checked your ass. Stop the complaining.

Vit is not “in charge”, he’s a developer. I’m in charge. You have not contacted me at all. Jason did, but you haven’t, so what are you complaining about? Is it fair of you to not even give me the opportunity to KNOW ABOUT the situation before you hit every website on the internet bitchin about it?

Following people around and bitchin them out while thread dumping on the original thread is a bannable offense, but as long as it stops now I’ll forget that you’ve been doing that. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t like banning people and don’t like having people banned from my site.

On the subject of getting around a ban; There’s always ways to get around it. If we ban your name you can change names, if we ban your IP you can change IPs, etc. The point is we have a moderation team that is on point and will have you rebanned as soon as you’re discovered. You’ll have to change your ways to avoid detection, and in that situation, you will have lost the fight regardless.

At any rate, relax and have fun. Try not to take stuff so seriously.

Yeah if you have aproblem please contact xENo directly. He is very nice and easy to talk to. Please don’t come here compalining. Thank you.

i send you a PM on here…then i contacted Jason just because i have him on AIM…i don’t have your name on AIM so how was i suppose to contact you?and yes i was banned…i tried my computer and my g/f’s computer next to me. I tried to log in as guest too. It said i was banned i’ve never had any other problems connecting to the site. How else am i suppose to contact you if i couldn’t get on the site? I haven’t been following Vit around…i could give two shits what that tool does…and don’t tell me he doens’t follow people around like Tom or Don from that other tunning supply company and bitch them…Vit pokes and bitches at everybody barely ever helping the community for any good. He deleted my posts standing up for Jason’s kit. He came in the FI section following Jason just to make fun of his kits. And what, you say shit to him i guess, that isn’t bitching and following around people, he does what i do x 10000, but he could never get banned. 95% of the people i talked are sick of him and what he does, specially Jason, most of them won’t say anything, because i told them right after it happened too. And i only went to fuelempire to bitch because once again i couldn’t get on teamzx2 so i will go other places to let people know that i got banned for no reason. So then why did my posts get deleted? Why did Jason’s post out of “killing time” get deleted? You see that? Thread dumping? yea look at my thread count almost as high as cool kid Vit over there. 99% of my posts are about informational stuff in the FI section. But i’m glad it got solved.

how am i suppose to contact him…i don’t have his AIM name or email. So i found he was registered here so i sent him a PM. What’s your AIM so then it wouldnt happen again

Contacting me here is fine.

However, you sent me a PM 4 minutes after you made this post. Hardly an effort to take the correct escalation path. I’m not tryin to bust your chops here, man. If it happened to be I’d be pissed too.

However, I haven’t seen any evidence of it happening.

The fact is this was a problem long before you were banned and you never asked any of the other mods or Xeno to resolve the issue. We know Vit is a dick and he has been banned more then once for it. Vit is one that you have to take the bad to get the good. While can be a major dick he is also very resorceful and has lots to offer the ZX2 community. To be honest I felt about Vit the way you did not two years ago. But I came to realize he is just usually small minded and this is his way of venting. So I quit letting bother me and then he stopped being a dick to me.

I like how this place turns out to be the sewer of teamzx2’s toilet. lol j/k.