Back again

So here I am now, 3 years after I bought my ZX2, after selling it to my dad, back with it again. Early this year, I decided I wanted a car with a few more options, or any options for that matter (I don’t have a/c). Anyways, I went out an bought a 2002 Focus and put about 10,000 miles on it. Living in Minnesota, where everyone and their mom has hit a deer, I guess it was my turn. I was going about 80 when I hit a buck head on, basically destroying my front end. Let me tell ya, if you have ever had the airbags deploy on you, its not cool. I didn’t hit them, but they sure scared the hell out of me. Anywho, I was wearing my seatbelt and it held me back. So ya, my dad needed some money, and he was going to sell the ZX2, so I took it. Great story eh? Yea, so if anyone remembers me, prolly not though, just thought I would drop in and say hi, and that I will be posting more now that I am ‘back in the loop.’

I remember you!! and your always welcome here!

airbags suck, especially that powder that goes everywhere.

agreed…the powder smells horrible, and i got a nice lung full of it…

I remember too! I actually smelled the airbags before I saw them when they went off in my dad’s now totalled Dakota. (Yes, I was driving at the time) Welcome back!

  • Darron

I got burned by mine.

Yuck, I hate em.