Axiom raffle

Axiom is starting a raffle for the facia and the mirrors.
The entry for the facia is $25
The mirrors is $10
The entry includes shipping and handling
Anyone interested in this can e-mail Axiom
to submit a entry a local zx2 owner will pull entry for both.

for any one who hasn’t seen the facia this is what it looks like

is a pic of the mirror inserts
good luck to all the who enter

I hadn’t been back here for a while, since Riders was on its own forum, glad to see things growing!!

If you would like to see better photos and all the details, I can post it here too - but I would prefer to have permission first. As an affiliate of TeamZX2, we thought you all should have this sweet opportunity too!!
The information is listed in TeamZX2’s site. You can do a search for : RAFFLE

The Raffle is near its quota, but we can run additional Fascias and Mirrors if the entrant list goes beyond the quota…

Dont miss out!

Just an update…

The Front Fascia Raffle is near reaching the quota and someone is getting a Fascia for under $26!! There are 10 openings left!

The Mirror set has reached its quota…and is beginning its second list.
Someone is getting a Custom Mirror Cover Set for $10 shipped to their home free!

If you want those odds, get on the second list now!!