Automatic Shifter??

Hey All, do you know of anywhere to get a shifter for an auto that will work with the side button without having to modify it? I found one, but when you take off the stock knob you have to cut off the plastic notch. Help if you can!!


I’d have to look at my fiance’s car to see… I’ll try to remember next chance I have…but I don’t feel like getting in it anytime soon…I put in an aftermarket CD player today…what a PITA!

  • Darron

Installing an aftermarket in these is a REAL BIG pita! It took us about 4 hours because of the stupid thermostat thing you have to remove. Mine was stuck so we had to break it to get it loose. Auto shifters are extremely hard to find! Let me know!

amateurs! lol!

I can have that all taken apart in about 30mins…

putting it back together takes about 45min as the wires never go where you want them, and I also always have problems with the damn thermostat control, and the other controls popping off.

Took me longer to put it back together than to take apart…but let’s try ‘n’ keep this on track of the auto shifter…I started the straying, and now I’m ending it. I forgot to look at Tigress’ shifter. Hopefully she reads this while at work and reminds me when she stops by my work. You obviously want to keep the button…

  • Darron

I have a shift knob from Summit Racing. It works okay, but we had to use one from a Honda, and we drilled it out a little so the it would go over the metal rod. Now, they lost the screws and I’m gonna have to JB Weld it to the shifter. Can’t do that till I get my shift boot. I’m trying to make it look a little better than it did. But now my shifter is about 10" tall. :x

go down to your local hardware store, you should be able to pick up the screws for like $2 total. bring the shifter knob with you so you can try the screws and get the right fit.

almost any shift knob will work u’ll have to drill out the center of a mtx one with a 1/2 in drill not shure what bit i used it’s been a while since i did mine but drill out the center to fit over the metal post and there u go you’ll have to push the shifter down to release the gear locks but it works