ATX to MTX????

i was wondering if its at all possible to change from an ATX to a MTX. what all would i haver to do, and what tranny’s would be compatible? and i really dont want to hear that i should have bought a manual in the first place or whatever.

You shouldn’t have bought a manual in the first place. :slight_smile:

I know that it is possible to switch from a ATX to an MTX. I would like to do so myself. I am just not sure of all the technical things that you would need to do. Do you know someone that is a mechanic that you could maybe talk to?
I myself wanted to get a manual in the first place but I had a budget an was really picky about what color and such I wanted plus I needed a car ASAP so I feel your pain bud…


You might want to talk to Cyberman he has done the tranny swap.

Oh yea you should have bought the mtx in the first place :lol:

heres a link to a how to

thar was me as a guest

You have two options…

  1. rewind time and buy a manual…


  1. talk to someone that has done it before, it shouldn’t be too hard. I am almost 100% you will need a different PCM though.

ya like he said

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Well first of all you should have bought a manual in the first place. But yes, you will should need to use a different PCM. Also, that I’m aware of the only tranny that would mount up is the stock 5spd, but I’m probably wrong about that.

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P.S. I hope you realize the only reason everyone’s teasing you about the initial purchase is 'cause you told us not to. I know I wouldn’t say anything (even in jest) if you’d not said anything. Tigress is my fiance and I know that you can’t always find exactly what you want, especially if you have no other vehicle. Don’t think of us as burners, but of teasers. We all know how it is, don’t take it personal 'cause I know it’s not meant that way by anyone. :wink:

Read up on this THREAD. A complete How-To.