atx = crap

So i went out to my car today abour 40 degrees. not too cold. Started my car and put it in drive…nothing. Just like i was in neutral. put it into D the 2 then 1…still nothing. reverse worked fine. put it back in park then back to drive…went in ok. just kinda ticks me off. I still have a warranty, so i think i may make an appointment to take it to ford. Should i take off my aftermarket parts like tranny cooler and 10 ohm shift kit?

probably… they would probably blame the problem on those.

10 ohm shift kit? is that a resistor in the wiring for the shifter?

its a 10 ohm resistor…firms up the shifts

im not completely certain on how transmissions work so where does the 10ohm resistor go? Is it possible that the resistor is shot? When you start modding things always check there first. It may not be that but since it was a problem shifting it wouldn’t hurt to check that.

If your going to the dealer take off the ohm kit, you can leave the tranny cooler on that will not void the warranty. Although some places will be dicks and void your warranty when they see any power adders like intake exhaust etc… your best bet is to work for the dealer and you can do whatever you want and keep everything under warranty.

my dad is worried that even if i take it to a dealer that they will void my waranty cause i do have intake, exhaust, chip, etc.

Just tell them they can’t void the warranty unless the specific aftermarket part caused the problem according to the Mosson Act, there is actually a two part name to that Act but I can’t remember the first one. Unless they can prove that intake and exhaust caused the transmission to fail, they can’t void the warranty. And there is no way a new exhaust (say your old one rusted) and an aftermarket intake (what, 2-3 horse power) can cause a transmission to fail. But, do remove the chip and resistor.

It is the Magnuson-Moss Act .

the F4A-III is actually a decent tranny just has a few inherent flaws, they can be built to be pretty durable…