Atomatic shift knob?

well i dont like the stock automatic shift knob cause it looks tacky :smiley:

Is there an aftermarket one i can put on the stock shift knob??? link pl0x if so thanks :mrgreen:

have seen them at pep boys not sure for what application though. other than that look in the part catalogs. and i am sure that there are some atx drivers that could steer you in the right direction.

check here. there are plenty of places to get dress up parts and speed accessories.

AVOID the Pep Boys one, if its the same I’m thinking of. I’ve tried it, it came loose, was not fun. I too would like a good aftermarket one.

I would like a nice aftermarket ATX shift knob. I would love to do a tranny swap instead, but the shifter is the cheaper option for now.


wdf is pep boys :?

link pl0x :wink:

Pep Boys is an auto parts store, similar to AutoZone, Murry’s, Advanced Auto…

  • Darron

napa… oreilly’s… etc…

o rileys sells? ill go take a look

pep boys is that the one with the 3 guys wearing glasses? :roll:i think

Funny thing, on the way home I stopped by a Kragen store, and got this for 4 bucks.

There is one slight hitch, the shaft of the ATX shifter is a bit too thick, but I have a buddy of mine who’s dad owns a machine shop. He’s gonna bor it out for me, and do a few other mods as well for it. I’ll post when its done.

Yes Dave, Pep Boys has the three goofy lookin’ dudes.

  • Darron

hmmmm i have seen one of those before but dont know where :?

looks like im going to the yellow pages :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW that is a pimping shift knob darth :smiley:

Thx. Its from APC, american products company I think. I’ve also found that their guage pods fit the molding of the 03s. Huh… mabey I should post that.

now if we knew how too hook up those darn gauges :lol:

I found a link over on teamzx2 that goes over the air/fuel ratio.

[url=,16475.msg213748.html#msg213748], ... #msg213748[/url]

w00t!!! yay now we know


(seems complicated though :cry: )