Does anybody know were you can find an armrest for the zx2?

like the armrest for the left arm or right arm?

right arm… try JC Whitney…

I just rest my arm on the shifter knob.


…and lose my gangster lean?



Ive done a bit of looking around and the 3rd gen Escorts arm rest is the same so happy hunting guys


what’s the avatar? I know I have seen that before… but who or what is it?

as for the armrest, the escort GT had the same center console.
the mustang GT 87-93 had a simliar console
I am pretty sure you could make a 94-98 mustang consoel work in your zx2. I had one set in there, but never bolted it up, for lack of ambition.

If you really wanna go wild, 89-94 thunderbird super coupe power seats bolt right into the ZX2, and the titanium interior is almost the same as the light gray ZA interior. the SC seats have 6 way power, and power lumbar, and power side bolsters. They are much more comfortable than the ZX2 seats.

I’ll look into the EGT center .

and my avitar im not sure where i found it. I use it on a few difrent boards.

OK! I Your great admin. lol Have looked into the Are rest question of the EGT. Will it fit? Probably. Will it look good? IDK It might not line up 100% Will the Focus fit? IDK i will fit but as far as lining up abgain prob not a 100% I’ll try to raid the wifes ZX5 and look into it. Just as long as the wife doesnt find out I’m raiding her ZX5 for fitment issues on the ZX2.