Anyone Use RoyalPurple??

I switched this last time around just to see if I liked it, im trying to establish what oil I like the most for when I get the new engine assembled. Has anyone been using this stuff? I mean I know the statistics behind it, and before this I have been a staunch Castrol Syntec user but when I switched to royal purple there seems to be a lot more valvetrain noise than with the syntec? anyone have any input on royalpurple?

My friend has used royal purple on all of his cars including a 03 srt4 and 94 TT rx7. I have also used it on my sisters altima before. Its a GREAT oil in my opinion but you know its expensive so i guess it just depends on how much you wanna spend on oil.

been useing it on my zx2 for last year great stuff, havent notice more valvetrain noise but my car only has 50k. I love the stuff

Royal Purple quieted down my AV6’s engine as well.

the valve noise comes in at about 80k.

royal purple is great!!! ive been using it for years in my race car and my zx2.

well thats good to hear, the price doesnt bother me its only a few cents more than castrol syntec so what the hell right, granted the engine does feel a little more alive now that I switched but it is noiser haha I think most of that is 185k miles tho lol

fantastic product been using it since i bought my car

I was a diehard castrol syntec fan, considering that over the past decade of race engines weve used it in, we really have never had the need to do yearly freshenups but I dunno Ive been running RP for the last 5k and the engine does feel a bit freed-up