Anyone miss me?

hey guys!

I’m back… still got the Z but im steadily looking… been accepted to college… just community college then off to Texas A&M… gonna be an elementary teacher… graduate in May… hm… missing anything??

Oh well i’ll be back … just really busy so i only get on when i can! I missed you guys though

i missed you

Welcome back!

welcome back…

Two members back in the same month? It must be one of them Christmas Miracles! Welcome Home!


um… who are you??? :?

how did the cd adapter work out…

Keep up the school work!

  • Darron

wow not to bring back a thread from the dead but yea… Hondastomper hi! my name is nikki and i’ve been a member for… hell i dunno how long lol. I’m almost 18 and drive a 2000 ZX2… nothin special… just some neons and white rims… Yea guys i got rims!! Anyway… um Jayco glad you missed me and i never put it in lol… i just bought an iPOD and it worked out VERY WELL! got 2000 songs in one place and can still have the radio and stuff. Its great! Anyways i hope to get back to regualr posting… see ya’ll later!

Yah, um, well, ummmm… Nice to meet you, and don’t be a stranger. :mrgreen:

I just read your profile, lol I been through there a crap load of times. I pass by there on my way to Marshell when my moms job takes her there. Hell I evan have family in Jackson Ar.

wow… ever cruised stateline or did you just pass through… You should come by and beat my boyfriends civic… i’ve done it so many times its gettin old… i tell him " Hey baby you need some vasiline?? Cause you just got SCREWED!" ha… anyways… let me know when you come through again.

Ok, we are even for the honda story I posted, cuz I just laughed out loud in a quite warehouse. lol

thats funny, I think I’ll have to do that sometime…

Yea… payback is a bitch! :wink: