anyone catch the Concert for Hurrican relief? *ranting

did anybody catch the NBC Concert for Hurricane Relief? The music portion was really good, and for the most part the rest of it was too.

Anyone catch Kanye slamming bush? My father and I had to do a double take… and Mike Meyers looked shocked, and couldnt complete his lines. I thought it was a rather inappropriate time for Kanye to pull a stunt like that. Its okay to voice an opinion, but during a live broadcast trying to get relief money???

That just brings me to another topic. I have been watching the Hurricane coverage all day, and on CNN all they can ask is “who is to blame???” Now is not the time to worry about who is to blame. Its the time to do something and help out. Pointing fingers right now is like spitting into the wind… pointless!!!

Alot of good Celebrities(sp?g?) have stepped upto the plate here and have offered to lend support. Then you have people like Reporters and Kanye, that want to go around critizing everythin and slandering people.

I for one think that, allthough help was slow in coming, there were reasons it was delayed. It was typical American Bueracracy(sp???) for one, and at first, no-one realized how bad this really was. Only a few months ago, we had the WORLDS biggest natural disaster on record. 40,000 or 50,000 people dead one giant motion of the ocean. I know for sure relief for the survivors there wasnt Immediate.

Things like this take time, and I know alot of people are thinking “we are the richest country, how could we not have things in place to prevent this from happening?”. Just because we are the biggest and the Richest, doesnt mean that we have all the answers immediately on demand.

Im sorry for ranting about this, when all i wanted to do was post about Kanye’s stupid ass, but I have kept this pent up all day. The media has CONTINUELY, stated that American’s are good hearted people, and would help one another out in times of Crisis. For the most part, the media is right. I take offense to the fact that they STILL keep saying this, and rather then help people out, they feel it is NECESSARY to point out everybody else’s fault in this matter.

I know this disaster has struck an ages old wound that this country has had. The Black/White racial issue is NOT important at this time. What is important is getting the supplies(thank god stuff has started to arrive!!) there, and getting out the people that need IMMEDIATE medical attention.


Yeah, and they sugar coat everything. My friend’s in the National Guard and just got activated to go down with another 39,999 troops to try to subdue all the rioting taking place in New Orleans. apparently the mob and gangs are toting guns, raping people, ransacking business then burning them down.

Also, you pointed out most American’s will help each other out. It’s true…mostly… I work at Kroger (for those who don’t know it’s a grociery store that’s nationwide) and we’ve got a “relief fund” set up now where people can donate money towards relief through us. And the company itself will match donations made by employees up to…either 30 or 300k. (Did the same for the Tsunami relief too). And I’ve had a few phone calls in inquiry of it. I had one guy call to ask a manager the price of a PALLET of water to have sent down there…

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By the way…I didn’t even hear about the concert 'till just now so I obviously didn’t see it.

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It was the same type of concert they did for the tsusnami. I have a link to a website/web-log, about the condition of things down there. Ill try to find it and post.

These guys setup video and have been continuosly updating the progress of the storm, and its aftermath.

[url=] ... 005/09/03/[/url] *found it

heres the video of Mike Meyers and Kanye

Wow… ~cough, cough~Retard!~cough~ ~cough~

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