Alright finally detailed the 944

After 4 hours of doing some karate kid type waxing… i finally got the car much better. This paint was oxidized like a mofo. Wax on wax off dani-san.

Just so you have an idea. Here’s a pic of the hood before. Note that up towards the corner by the window you can see where i waxed. And where the shoplight is hanging you can see the worn oxidized paint… big difference.

Little elbowgrease.

I love those wheels!!! Always have.

Looks good bro… enjoy

definately looks great!

nice porch :stuck_out_tongue:

Take the bra off before it kills your paint.

Bras are bad…tans lines look horrible.

What kind of wax? No swirls…after your done, run some cold water on it! Hardens the wax and gets the wax dust off
Come on over and you can do my car too!! Haha, just kiddin’ nothing like a clean polished red hot car. Looks great!!

Those are pretty sweet cars. I always liked them when I was kid as well. I hope you enjoy it bro and tell us if you do the mod bug to it.

very nice daily. looks great man.

yeah i get the mod bug with all my vehicles. i’ll always say “Yeah i’m gonna just leave it stock.” well… look what happened to the ducati :lol:

i use a meguiars 3 step wax.

Is it-Paint cleaner, polish, wax all in red bottles? If so same thing I use and comes out insanely nice.

that’s the stuff!

So i spent some time prepping the car for the timing belt change, but spent a few hours tidying up the engine bay. Needed a little tlc and cleaning up. Also changed the fluid in the power steering.

So this is how power steering fluid shouldn’t look.

Thanks to our friend the MIGHTY VAC! it was all removed, and fresh fluid installed.

Anyway with that said… The engine bay is pretty darn clean as it is.

But not clean enough, so with a little power by armstrong, several polishing compounds, and some hard work… (not done yet by the way… hehe)

Ahhh tasty.

Looks like its coming along well. Cleaning can be a big pain