All new level of fast... I rode a Ducati 999 today :)

So i’ve been looking at Ducati bikes for my next bike and wanted a 749 for the longest time to replace the little 250. Its been like stepping stones, 1978 mustang to my zx2 and thought “Wow the zx2 is way faster than this little 2.3L mustang” and then I got my 250 ninja and thought “WOW the ninja is way faster than this ZX2”.

So I’ve been getting more and more confident on the bike, doing a lot better and getting to the point where I’m beginning to outride the bike sometimes, scraping pegs, hitting twisties having a ball… but I’m doing it in my limits, not riding like a maniac. Either way, the 250 is a great bike, and I’ve learned throttle control, handling, stopping, emergency situations, etc and it has been more of a learning tool and a toy than anything.

Well… i won’t be getting a new bike now but possibly next year.

So I’ve been looking at the Ducati bikes :slight_smile:

I called up the dealer today and asked if their 749 Demo was still available. He asked how serious i was about buying, etc, I’m good friends with the people at the dealer, nice people and they know me (I’ve already spent $1000 there in the last 3 months so they remember me, lol! and he knows i’m serious…) and then they said “Well we dont have the 749 but we have a Ducati 999 Demo left.”

So I went outside and checked it out, red, beautiful, handmade, Ducati 999.

I signed a waiver saying if i wrecked it or died, or if it was stolen i had to pay to replace it and was responsible, or if armageddon happened i was responsible or if i pooped on the bike out of joy i was responsible… (Well maybe just the first part is true). So then i hopped on the bike.

At first, I was a bit intimidated, I had never ridden a sport bike with a DRY clutch system, most mine were wet clutch systems, are more forgiving and less grabby.

The bike overall seemed intimidating at first, I was COMPLETELY leaned forward, feet way back on the pegs which were raised and back past the center of the bike, just a bit back towards the back of the bike but not completely… basically, going from my 250 to this was a different world just hopping on.

I sat there for a sec and thought “Wow, I’m actually on this thing and I might actually buy one of these next year…” and slowly got out of the dealership driveway and went down the industrial way… my first few blocks were ROUGH shifting, the clutch is very very grabby. Its like comparing an OEM clutch to a Stage 2 or Stage 3 clutch with no springs, its just grabby, its not completely 100% grab or no grab, but it was very inbetween… but once you got used to it, it really wasn’t that bad. About halfway through my ride the shifting was becoming much much better, i can imagine getting used to it not being a problem.

THEN I hit the twisties. I took it slow the first few times getting a feel for the leaning (mind you the 250 is not as drastic of a lean on the bike in terms of body positioning) but as I leaned off the bike it felt so natural, my body hung off the bike and leaned with it like it was meant to just naturally get off. It was like the bike wanted me to get off of it and drag a knee, but i didn’t get it THAT low, but i definitely got with the program and had some fun :slight_smile:

Finally I got to a straight and decided to have some fun and find out what it could do. In 1st gear i gave it 1/2 throttle and it just took off like a ROCKET. I was afraid to give it 3/4 or even full throttle in 1st for fear of doing a wheelie and biffing it on the street, and didn’t want to have to buy it from the dealer, at least not yet :stuck_out_tongue: and then put it in 2nd and then gave it 3/4 in 2nd, somewhere around 3/4 throttle and teh bike slowly just came alive. Before i could say “OH MY GOD!” i looked down and in what felt like a few seconds I was already at 73mph, in a short amount of time in 2nd gear I was already at almost 80mph… it was insanely quick. The bike STOCK does 178mph, but, of course, i wasn’t gonna go that fast, fastest i got was 75mph, i was in the city and didn’t want a ticket or wreck it where it was the first time i had been on a litre bike.

Either way, the bike got there faster than i’ve ever been, it was quick, fast and handled like a dream. I’ll be getting a 749 which isn’t a significant amount less than the 999 but it will also be a bit more nimble as the 749 is lighter and handles better.

I’ve been in sports cars, been on other bikes in the mid range of 500-600cc and been in a few other cars, even drove an STi and thought that was quick but this thing was so fast, so quick and so insane I can’t even compare it to anything I’ve EVER been in or on. Totally different world of fast. I can’t wait to get my own :slight_smile:

I just had to share it with you guys, it was an unreal experience.

However, I don’t think that I would have ever been ready for a bike this bike or immense in power had I started on one, I think that starting on the ninja 250 was a good choice, i’ve learned a lot of bare essentials on a small, quick but not too quick, forgiving bike that has been great to ride. I’ll keep my 250, but I can’t wait to step it up and get a Ducati 749 :slight_smile: I’d encourage anyone who wants to ride to give it a try, its a new world for ya. Although its expensive… more so than cars… I thought modifying cars was expensive, but bikes have been way way more expensive, but so worth it.

Alright… I’m done… later!

Weep :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. Glad to hear you felt natural at driving… scuse me, RIDEING it. Everyone has a calling, for you part of it seems to be bikes in general. :slight_smile:

ahhh… .Pure sex…

Nice bike. Glad that you enjoyed the ride:) I bet you are hoping that next year comes quickly:)



I thought it was funny you post this yesterday, then on our way home from the video store last night tigress and I saw (I think it was at least) a red Ducati go by us. lol

  • Darron

you wouldnt’ be able to miss me, i was still in my green kawi suit… someone on one of the boards said “Its beginning to look a lot like chrismaaaaaas…”

ROFLMAO! The x-mas duck!!! ROFLMAO!!!

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

LOL :lol:


I’ll be getting a 2007 Ducati Monster 695 in about 3 months. It’ll be my first bike. (First time on a bike, even… LOL)

I can’t wait.

My buddy just got the litre version of the monster, it is AWESOME. You’ll like it. just be careful, thats a lot of torque for a newbie, throttle control all the way, but you’ll be fine :slight_smile: Enjoy that sucker!

You know I will. LOL :smiley: