All Moved!

We are now officially moved! The gallery and font page will be changing shortly. Should have the gallery functioning by this weekend. Sorry about that; ) So hang tight and continue posting :mrgreen:


I want tofile an official complaint. I had to re-log in, the nerve of some sites. If this keeps up I will personaly report you to the owner and have you band… do you understand me.
Other than that the site looks good and it looks like nuthing was damaged… lucky for you budy… :smiley:

I was never worried…except each time I went to the site and it wasn’t there.

It should be all good now :stuck_out_tongue:

Though the PM system doesn’t work. :oops:

hey Darth you triing to send me a love letter… :wink:

Yeah sorry about the PMs… I will try to fix that. I noticed it also. Somehow that data never got transfered. I might have to go through and purge all PMs. I apologize if you have anything important in them, but at the same time is not a fault to place things for safe keeping :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry guys… working on it :mrgreen:

I had some MAD poetry in there (not all for you hondastomper :smiley:) plus the cure for cancer. I hope your happy with yourself. :wink:

My avitar is all messed up now…lol. What are the dimensions again? 90x70?

Fixed all PMs… Should be all good now. No loss of data as far as I know :stuck_out_tongue:

way to go…now millions of deaths a year are on your head… :lol:

screw the prople… I want my poetry. :smiley:, oh yah I lost my Avitar. Do I just reload it or what?

Reloading it should work. My avatar is hosted off site, so it stuck thorough, everyone else’s’ should be stuck back on the old server.

Still missing my e-mail… :cry:

  • Darron

did i miss anything

Holy Crap, he’s back. Were you been buddy?

Just split hair away from the end of exsistance as we know it… So no not much

ive been working, trying to catch up still fighting a divorce that sould have been over 6 months ago, then ther was marital assets and child custody… its all fund love losing half of the eveything i worked years for. lol ill start getting on a lil more got full custody of the kids on last friday so that simplifies things a bit.

Dang dude, that bites. Cool you got the kids though, I guess… At least you can see 'em whenever.

  • Darron