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Ok I am still creating the new look of the website. I need your help though. If you could please post websites that you think are cool… If you like a certain area of that site please descibe it for me. Thanks, also any new features you wanna see let me know. Later,

I always liked the way you had it look before. :slight_smile: What I’d like to see is a “How-to” section finally come into existance. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I do not know everything about ZX2’s, I am still learning myself. I have done a little to my car so I could definitely give some advice on installs if we had a “how to section”.

im going to do a write up on changing the rear tie-rod arm / trailing arm bushings to the ES bushings. I personally thought it would be difficult until I started to change them yesterday. I had looked for a while for a tutorial on how to change them and couldn’t find one.

When it comes to posts, I would like to see a boarder around the individual post within a thread so that you can see each post individually. So many times I start reading the signature thinking it’s part of the conversation.

I also like how on the old forum, the new posts within a thread would be orange and the old ones were white. This way I can see who has added where.

Yea, I kinda have trouble separating the post from a signature.

this site has a nice home page and look imo

I like the time slips page they have on Tri State Tuners. I have also seen it on Escort Underground.

It is difficult to tell what threads have new replies in them. And, a how-to section is a must. Also, something like the ‘Welcome to Team ZX2’ thread in the ‘Newbies’ section on TeamZX2 would be nice to have here. I also might be able to dig up something to add in a ‘how-to’ section as well. :smiley:

MIGHT…this coming from the guy I would consider the KING of how-to’s. LOL.

  • Darron

I knew I liked you for a reason.