After 3 years of doing research and gathering the parts.....

I now have rear disc brakes!!! I’ll post pictures when I get some, but for right now, I’m happy to have this 700lb gorilla off my back.

BTW, these were from a 1990-1994 Mazda Protege, jst to let y’all know. The range of cars for the rear disc swap has just been widened ALOT.

What other cars can we pull the rear discs off of for the swap?

91-96 Escort GT/Tracer LTS, 90-94 Protege, 00-01 ZX2 S/R.


Thanks Marco!!!

If only you can find Koni adjustable’s that can be cross referenced to the ZX2’s… that would be a find from heaven.

P.S. Its 99-00 ZX2 S/R

DOH! smacks forehead I can’t believe I screwed that up. LOL.

Thx for the clarification, my boy.

Did you use the entire cross-member or just from the control arms out?

actually im wondering the same thing. does the crossmember bolt up directly or do we need to use the crossmember off the zx2?

Pip I saw this on the other forum, guess you don’t visit it too much, lol it sank… this is AWESOME info! Someone said something about parts off of a Miata is that a myth?

They are basically the same as the rears on the old Miata as well… minus the whole rear drive thing. The calipers brackets and rotors arew the same.

And this whoe swap is the exact same as the EGT swap. You need the spacer for the rear trailing link, etc. etc. If you find one, though, for God’s sake, just take the whole subframe. Life is so much easier that way.

that’s a pretty good accomplishment. some one go write that down in the zx2 history book.

Well thank you! I was proud.

As well you should be…and thanks for the info…(sorry I’ve been away so long, but it was worth it; I should get a promotion here soon)