about to cry........

I just cant get a frigging break anymore.

Heres the story…

I stopped this evening on my way home to help a gentlemen who had just CREAMED a deer right in front of me. If I had been 1 or 2 seconds in front of the guy as I was tempted to do, I would have hit the deer. Being the nice guy I am, I stop to see if the guy is allright. Well, I have been having a problem with my e-brake cable for sometime now and had been planning on fixing it when I did my EGT swap. However that never came to fruition. Well after checking on the guy and making sure he’s alright I decide to take the guy back to my car so that he didnt go into shock (air bag went off at 70, he was in pain and he was dazed). I get back to my car and its BURIED under the fucking guard rail. The e-brake had let loose and the car rolled down hill into the railing. The railing wasn’t any old railing either. it was one of the twisted cable railings. car went under and rode down through a post. im too tired. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

I feel bad though… the other guys van was totaled…

Dude, I’m sorry to hear that. How much damage on a scale of 1 to 10(totaled)?

Praying for you mark. Hope the Z’s ok.

mark just think of it this way it cant get much worse so it can only gret better

http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/Oct22/shot1.jpg http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/Oct22/shot2.jpg

Thanks everyone… honestly the damage is minor compared to the guy who hit the deer. I ended up giving the guy a ride as he was 300 miles away from home and still had another 45min ride ahead of him. It just would not have been right to just leave him there with no way to travel, so i took him to where he was staying.

Looks like you are gonna have to strip the whole car and paint in “Screaming Orange” or something.

sorry to see that mark

I got ideas for a paint job… I just dont have the mula.

The cheap fix would to have a vinyl put on over the scratches for now. Then get it painted later. Of course that is a temporary and cosmetic fix.

That reminds me, Mark what were the first warning signs that the brake was going out? Just thought that the details could be useful for the rest of us.

BTW, very honorable to give the guy a ride. Its a no brainer for a good person, but still I think it was very honorable.

too many e-brake turns when i first got the car, LOL!!!

my first sign was my car wouldn’t stay put if I put in the clutch with the e-brake pulled and in neutral. things is I knew about the ebrake problem and my intention was to fix it with my disk brake installation… that never happened thus my ebrake was never fixed.

oh well… now I gotta learn how to do body repair!!! anyone know any good places to start?

Junkyard? I mean, how bout a panel swap?

thats definately an Idea for now. i thought about that afterI posted.

Wow Mark, glad that you and the guy are okay. That was so awesome of you to take that guy to where he was staying. God will bless you for being so kind. We will keep you in our prayers dude.



er, not. heh. :smiley:

first the bike now this–you better take the bus

if you need any cheap body panels im available…

any in dark shadow gray?