A/C elimination

first, i drained the lines of pressure and the freeon. i suggest you take your car to a shop and get it drained there, as its a 10000 fine minimum (at least here) to release this on your own, it must be drained using a tank and disposed of properly. but, we have the means at my base, and my friend happens to be hazmat officer.

the large unmissable object in the middle on the left is the condensor. it looks like a radiator, and goes in front of your radiator in fact. to take it out, cut the plumbing from the condensor (there is a line into it at the top, and one at the bottom). then take off the fan shroud assembly. it is held on by 3x 10mm bolts. next take off the 2 bolts and 2 nuts that hold on the radiator braces. i believe they are 10mm as well. most of the bolts and nuts on this uninstall are 10mm. once the braces are undone, rock the radiator in toward the firewall, but do not lift it out. there are 2x 10mm bolts holding the condensor to the radiator brace that runs across the front of the engine bay. then, push the condensor toward the radiator and lift it out of the car.

from now on, cut up the lines and undo the 4 or 5 10mm bolts holding the lines in, and start removing sections of tubing. the tubes are aluminum and are light and easy to cut with a pneumatic grinder or hacksaw.

now, you should have 2 lines running into the firewall and only the compressor and tank to the left of it left.

the tank near the fender of the car can be taken out by undoing 2x 10mm bolts and simply lifting it out, making sure all lines to it are severed.

to prepare for the next step, get your car, at least the front, elevated. i have a 12000 lb car lift in the MK shop on base, you can jack it up and put it on stands if you like. take off the splash guards on the bottom of the passenger side under the car. there are 5x 10mm bolts you’ll need to remove.

now comes the fun part, the compressor. this is the very bottom acdessory on the front of the engine that attatches to the belt. you can see it just below the condensor in the pic on the left. it has a pulley on the end, you can’t miss it. first, you must take the belt off the pulley. to do so, use a 13mm box end wrench and put it on the tensioner pulley, as shown in the second picture. you crank the wrench as far as you can toward the aft of the car. this loosens the belt enough for you to take it off of your crank pulley and the other pulleys around the a/c. this leaves room to work without messing up the belt. once that is done, you take a breaker bar with 13mm sockets to the 4 bolts hoding the compressor to the mounting plate (to the right of compressor in pic). they aren’t on tight, so you just need to break them loose before taking them off. then, there are 2 bolts on the bottom of the plate that are 13mm, and one on the top that is 15mm. take the mounting bracket off.

now that you have everything taken off, put the a/c elminator pulley bought at zxtuner in place and bolt it up. the 15mm bolt will go in the top left, a replacemnt bolt will need to be found to go in the top right (i found a SS bolt in the bolt drawer with the right thread and length thank God.) the bottom bolt will be one of the bolts that came out of the moutning plate, and the hole where the other one was will be left open. i noticed a little oil on the bolt, and didn’t know if it had just dripped or not, and since this threaded bolt hole is in the block, i didn’t take chances and put liquid steel in the hole.