98 ZX2 Dash painting question

Got all of the parts off, ready to buy paint. Will Krylon plastic paint work ok? Someone said that high heat paint will work better. What do you all suggest with this?

[url=http://community.webshots.com/photo/551144668/2835421420060371700nFOBiI]http://community.webshots.com/photo/551 ... 1700nFOBiI[/url]

i laid down rattle can 99c primer followed by kyrlon fusion and it worked good hasnt chipped yet , but in my old car i used just regular primer and paint but i soaked the plastic in shampoo and scuffed it with a brillo pad before i laid it down and then it worked, also you can get regular car paint for like 50 bucks a pint and that would do most of your interior , but again you need the plastic primer from the paint store too and a flat clear over it unless u want a gloss clear but i dont suggest it

Got it done today, looks great!!!

[url=http://community.webshots.com/photo/551144668/2444675780060371700APqpgr]http://community.webshots.com/photo/551 ... 1700APqpgr[/url] [url=http://community.webshots.com/photo/551144668/2366429790060371700dOekNL]http://community.webshots.com/photo/551 ... 1700dOekNL[/url]

looks good…do you have power windows or manual?

Its all power with a power sunroof.

are you gonna paint your door handle pieces? If so would you mind switching me your grey ones for ones i already painted silver? I’m trying to get a 2 tone graphite and grey look and those are they only things i still need. It looked like the picture below but i think the stock grey looks better with my leather seats


I had not planned on painting those. They will get to much wear on them and I am afraid that they will look like crap after a while. Did you put your white gauges in yourself? and was the leather stock seats?

KillZone, that looks really sweet dude:)
Nodnarb, I like yours with the silver too:) I have a silver zx2 and I think that that might be sweet to do if I ever get the time.


Mine looked great after 9 months, still looked like the day I painted them. I used Krylon Fusion for Plastic. The only reason they got crappy now is I have been doing TONS of body work on my car and replacing my acc. belt and rotating tires, and oil change so my hands were REAL dirty and rubbed some goo/oil into the little divets in the plastic. But until that happened, they looked great, I didnt even clear coat anything, just 3 layers of white for a base, then 4 layers of yellow…

What about those door panel pads, they are cloth and thought about recovering them. Looked at them and it seems that they are on there really good. How do those things come off?

my paint held up fine…just wanted to match the leather with the two tone and I only need 2 pieces to finish the look…

Nod is that factory leather? I love that look. Are the backseats leather as well? Do you know how those cloth padded door panels come out.

I don’t know if his are factory, but I do know that there are some ZX2’s with factory leather.

Your paint job looks fantastic by the way.

To my knowledge the panel pads do NOT come out. I bought some black velvet for mine to cover the factory…basically just cut it a li’l large and stuff the edges in with a butter knife or other thin, blunt object of your choice.

  • Darron

Does it stay in pretty good?

OH yeah…it’s a pretty tight fit to begin with and I honestly cut it a li’l TOO big. There should be pics in my gallery showing them.

  • Darron

The padded panel inserts DO come out. Am I the only one that has found out??? LOL

Take your door panel off and on the backside, you will notice a HUGE chunk of foam. Rip this off, and you will notice that around the ridge, there are 6 hog-rings holding the insert in. Spread these w/ needle nose pliers, and then from the front side, pull the inserts out w/ a small flat screwdriver or knife. Then, you can put some spray adhesive on the cloth and slap it on there folding it back on the sides. Then trim it and leave a little extra to fold over the back to keep it in there good. Then just shove the inserts back in and they “should” stay in there b/c of the extra cloth adding thickness… Mine have for almost a year now…

yes the leather is factory

I’ve never heard that before Yellow, good job. When it comes time to redo them I’ll have to remember that.

  • Darron

OK so Krylon Fusion paint? And what kind of primer? Auto primer or plastic primer, and if plastic who makes it. Yes i know im just about pathetic…

Krylon Fusion for Plastic. Just clean the plastic real good w/ hot water and Dawn dish liquid. Then if you have a light color, use 2 coats of white, if its dark, pick a darker color.