4 disc from zxtunner

The 4 disc conversion from zxtuner.Do I need to purchase anything else to make the conversion ??

I don’t think the kit comes with the e-brake cables.

i think you need to purchase new rotors and pads… the kit comes with used ones. or you can just get the rotors turned… you might want to look in to getting new hoses too… never to early to upgrade to steel braided good luck with your swap keep us posted on it this is probably the next big thing that i’m goign to do

what about the jayco’s brakes

Never got back to us, I think things are really busy.

our rear disc brakes provide everything, starting at 750.00 for new stock and 995.00 for performance with cross dilled rotors.

The rear disc setup from zxtuner is a wreckingyard pulloff.