3rd gear

From 2nd to 3rd sometimes i feel a bit of a nick, you know that feeling when you don’t miss a gear but it sorta momentarily feels like it catches? But isn’t till its almost all the way shifted till i feel it.

I’m guessing I should do a tranny flush as I am probably due for one?

While I’m at it, any recommendations on a good tranny fluid to stick in there so that my tranny lasts longer? I noticed it did this same thing before i did my last tranny flush, i guess it’s crapped out fluid?

I belive that Royal Purple makes an amazing product…I seem to think there’s another, but can’t think of what it is…

  • Darron

Pennsoil Synchromesh… really hard to find though. I have not found a car place around here that deals it.

You want this :wink:


Or just a good synthetic 10w-30 oil should work. Or just look for gear oil. Comes in different weights. Ford just uses regular automatic transmission fluid in their manuals in case you were wondering :wink:

Wait, isn’t our engine 10w-20?

yes our engine is but our transaxle has calls for differnent lubricating properties… i used mobil 1 atf and it was amazing afterward

Oh for the trany, sorry. Heh, thought for the engine.

n00b alert :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s cool…

Alright upon further observation it seems to be almost directly related to the super cold temperatures.

Once it warms up it seems fine.

Zetec engines use 5w20 or 5w30

my car does the same thing. will a tranny flush fix this problem? I took it to a shop and they told me it would be cheader to find a used tranny and swap it out. SO I am in the hunt for a used tranny. But if a flush would fix this, It would save me alot of money.

Well, you could always try a tranny flush and if that doesn’t help find a replacement. If a cheaper option could fix the problem, it’s not a bad idea to try that first.

  • Darron

Sorry to somewhat resurrect a dead topic, but would this be good for the ATX?


How much does it take?

Sounds like you wore down some tranny gears , the next thing that will happen is it will pop out of third gear …you have maybe a year left on that tranny . How many miles does it have ?..A simple fluid change wont help .