2003 Front End Conversion

I was seriously considering this… Does anyone know how much this would cost, and how easy this is to do?

im going out on a limb here and im going to say that it bolts right up. I kno thats its that easy to go from the 03 to an earlier model, so id assume its the same for the opposite. All you would need is the 03 front.

Hmm, you just made my day. So, what are all the parts that I’d need? Do I need the front right/left fenders after the door, or do I just need the bumper?

just the bumper and inner turns

inner turns?

see…the grille is different. You would also need that as the two parts are sold seperatley…


Yes, the older style front end will mount using the same mounting points, so save those screws. But you will have to purchase some inner turn signals.

Also pay attension to which front end you purchase, because there are 2 molds. One with fog lamp sections and one without. But that’s only if you are as picky as I am.

Just to clarify…are you going TO the 03 or FROM the 03?

  • Darron

Nick, You sure about the two molds thing???

I know on my front end even though I dont have the fogs the places are there for them. Just requires taking out the plastic clip in pieces.

Yeah…Where the plastic grill is. The ones without fog lamp cut outs, the grill goes all the way across. It’s only a minor difference. But I’m not sure if the '03 fog lamps can be put into an '02 fog lamp location.

Going from the 1998 front end to the '03, actually. Anyone have an idea of the price this is going to cost me?

minimum of $500 for the bumper through ford i believe.

I honestly forgot how I did it. But there is a US registry of junkyards and you can post what parts you want and Junkyards will compete for your business. I did it along time ago when I was looking for a gas tank for my Talon. Would have cost me $250 in my area, got it for $75 from a yard in Illinois.

Junkyard dog?

Junkyard Dog is the one.

some of the parts from an older ZX2 don’t match up perfectly to the 03. The 03 is wider and longer by a little bit, so there might be some gaps. I bought a 02 aftermarket hood for my 03, and no matter what I did, there was a gap between the edge of the hood and the front bumper.

You mean that gap where there is supposed to be a rubber strip that goes in between it that a lot of people don’t put back on?

Guilty :oops: I am so ashamed that I’m too lazy.

no, the hood came up to just behind that… the thing barely latched, and when it did, you had to shove it a little. I don’t know if the 03 is really that much bigger or if I just got a bad hood… I haven’t tried another one.

i would venture to guess that something is off on your zx2 fallenangle . I dont think Ford would hgo throught the truble to redesige the facia fitment on the last yr of production we got lucky they even made the 03 facia