2000 zx2 missing at low idle

hey guys i finlly got my zx2 runing after a year of fighting with it. some of u may rember me i was looking for a wireing harnnes. so now to my problem the car runs great when u r on it but when i want to hold it at a speed it missis and jumps. then sometimes i let of the gas it back fires so i thinks its overloading on fuel. i have put new pulgs and wires fuel pump filter and injtoers. i think it mit be an o2 sendor or a cam b going bad. any ideas thanks for the help

It could be that your iacv has gone bad. Mine went bad a couple of years ago and I suffered from horrible mileage.

Check for any kind of vacc leaks etc.

wats an iacv and i have bad gas milage to

IACV is short for idle air control valve. They run around $100.00 new or used.