2000 MTX very hard to shift -not slipping -any ideas?

i have a 2000 MTX and am trying to diagnose a transmission issue. The clutch engages and disengages fine but shifting into any gear or between gears is very difficult. It takes a bunch of effort to shift - no grinding though.

Any ideas what the cause /solution is?

Thanks in advance

possible bent shift rod had that happen to me once, also the shift linkage at the transmission could be bent or rusted, un hook it and check if the transmission shifts easily keep in mind that it will be harder to do since you will have lost leverage…

the shift linkage is probably sezzed it did it to mine to and thats all it was just take it off and free it up and that should do the trick

ya it sounds like its rusted together down there

Tell us this…Place your car in gear,engine off, step down on the clutch pedal all the way to the floor and have somebody see if they can roll the car. Sometimes it’s not always so obvious that the clutch has released or not. Even if the clutch hat did retract properly, a bent disc or corroded input shaft splines can keep the disk in a spin state from being dragged by the flywheel which can cause your symptom. Also, how easy is it to move between gears with the engine off and the clutch disengaged?

even though the intial post is old this is good for reference.

I had a similar issue with my zx2 where it was damn near impossible to move the shifter. It turned out to be that i over tightened the bolts and did not use enough lube on the bushings when I put my short shifter in. I would check the bolts and bushings, maybe the bolts rusted up and are making it hard to move the shifter. This is just a starting point.

What kind of grease did you use to re-lube that assembly?