2 ZX2 Part out

Hey Guys,

I’ve parted out 2 ZX2’s. One was a 98 and the other was a 2002. I’ve also collected various parts throughout the years. I’ve turned these 2 ZX2’s into Ice racing cars so I’ve got a lot of parts, please assume that parts needed for the car are probably not for sale. I have dark charcoal interior pieces, air bag modules, etc. I do have an extra intake that I had aquired from back in the day. Tailights, headlights, bumper covers. Also, trucklids, fenders I’d be willing to trade good ones for crappy ones. Just ask guys and I’ll see if I have it. I’m always up for trades. At the end of the day I’ve got a bunch of parts that I won’t mind getting rid of. Make an offer, but don’t waste my time. Thanks guys.

Parts I need, will buy or trade:
good used clutch
clutch pedal assembly
aftermarket intake’s
b&m short throw
racing seats
header panel
cf hood
anything really, let me know what you got

hey man how much for both headlight shipped to 78216

That post was back in June. You might not get a response.

Make an offer. Sorry for the delayed response. Had login issues to the site. Stupid IE

50 for both shipped if they have all the mounting tabs

Do you have a drivers side headlight, and drivers side mirror?I also need a stock intake if you have one i have a iceman intake if your intersted thanks

hey man i have a stock intake but it has a cut off end of the airbox if your interested

and do you still have th b&m shifter if so will you part with it still

do you still have the charcoal interior

How many miles on the clutch and what type of clutch is it? What kind of header is it and how much do you want for each? shipped to 65626.

What do you want for a rear bumper cover?

You got a shorty header?