2.3L Duratec

The 2.3L Duratec Focus engine (discontinued), will it fit into the ZX2?

With enough money it anything will fit. The problem you may run into are mounting points.

I would only worry about the passenger side engine mount and the tranny bolt line-up. Not to mention you will need new wiring harnesses and pcm since that motor is coil-over-plug design.

if you want to do it we could make it fit

id use the 2005 2.0l duratech with the aluminum block and front timing cover basic demntions are the same… and with its aluminum block should be a real weight saver…

Um, the 2.3 is not discontinued, it may no longer be called the “Duratec” but its still in production, they put it in all the base fusions, rangers, and escapes and for all intents and purposes the exact same engine

correct you are on the engine i dont see it going anyplace soone but the availbilty of aftermarket parts are not real easy to fine unless you go with cosworth and they are severly costly…

yeah Ive noticed that, in my opinion aside from the power output and the 2.3L displacement, im not that impressed with the engine, mainly with the huge counter balance assembly that hangs off the bottom lol

yeah ill stick with our zetec…

I’ll take the turbo 2.3 over both.

are you talking the oldschool ford 2.3 turbo? the sohc?

The 2.3 Duratec isn’t discontinued. It’s in many many vehicles. Mazda 6, Mazda 3, Focus ST, Fusion etc. The balance shaft can be fairly easily removed, and they can make 300 hp fairly easily (NA). Not too shabby if you ask me.

You’re probably better off with the Jayco Longblock. Those are 2.2 liters, right? It’s a basic swap from what I can tell of Jayco’s website, and it comes with all the mounting stuff if it’s not a “drop in”.