1999 ZX2 *Parting Out*

I am selling some parts off of my zx2, that got t-boned in summer of '05. Everything will be cleaned before it is shipped. and before I forget, if you need anything, I have more, but I havent taken it off yet.


Celica Spoiler - SOLD


Trunk lid - $120 shipped


Stock front - $115 shipped


Fiberglass front end (note, this piece is very unproportional) - $140


6 disc changer - $60 shipped


Back piece - SOLD


Back reflector - SOLD


Reverse Lights - $40 shipped


Steering Wheel - $25 SOLD
Airbag - $85 shipped

Check out my car domain for the full story and to see if there is anything else you want. Thanks!


Does that spoiler fit the stock holes?

  • Darron

I’m guessing not, look at his trunk. Thats a celica spoiler right?

i wish it would’ve.

that it is.

Heh, did you get that off a Celica you killed? :evil: Seriously though, do you have pics with it on the car?

your wish is my command :wink:





VERY Tempting. My funds are tapped as always, so if you get a deal before I’m ready please take it, I’d hate to make you wait. Otherwise, I’ll see what I can do.

That’s too bad. I would have stuck that on as is…

  • Darron

Well I have had a lot of interest but no one has stepped up, so I’m pretty sure it will be around once your funds are in order.

Wish I could of, but I had to have the holes filled and new ones drilled, but it was worth it.


Prices are going to be lowered, shoot me an offer in interested in anything

Still interested in the spoiler.

It’s still available, I’ve dropped the asking price to $155 shipped or I will do a spoiler and trunk combined deal for $250 shipped. I really can’t go very low on the spoiler, cuz of what I paid for it and cuz of how great of condition its in, so lemme know man

I think I’ll have the funds together in about a month or so. Can you include instructions?

what is left of the car? which part of michigan are you in, do you have any pictures of the car after wreck, and what would you want to get for it?



That site tells the whole story with pics. I live in Lansing, but the car is in Western Michigan, by the lake. Lemme know if you are still interested and we can talk price, thanks!

If there is anything that you are looking for that i do not have posted please ask! Thanks!
Merry Christmas!

do you wanna sell the head; i seen you also had exhaust how big diameter is it and what brand is it thanks just pm me prices

Sorry man, I’m not going to part out the engine, I am willing to sell the whole engine for pick up only.

It’s a zxtuner exhaust, i payed about $380 for it, and i didnt have it for very long. i think it was on my car for about 4 months and maybe 1500 miles when i got into the accident. there wasnt any damage or anything to it. I’m asking $275 shipped.