1998 ZX2 project car

This car needs to get out of my yard. It has a good engine. It was my daily driver a year or so ago. The tranny blew out and I parked it. I started working on it at one point but lost interest. It has a few decent and worthwhile mods that come with it:
Combat Bomb front nose
Stock front nose
T2 wing
Kamakaze headers
good engine (less than 70k miles)
3a exhaust
reverse gauges
painted dash

More pics here:

[url=http://www.angelfire.com/ill/custumzincarnate/zx24sale/zx2.html]http://www.angelfire.com/ill/custumzinc ... e/zx2.html[/url]

or call me:
518 926 9442
Located in Cambridge, NY 12816

This car needs to go, I do not live there anymore. It has a title with a leins on it if necessary.

Origionally had it out for 1400.00
dropped it to 750.00
Make me an offer !! I might go lower. Trades considered
I may be able to deliver it as well, depending on the area.

would you like to sell just the header off of it, or do you know what is actually wrong with the transmission

I would sell just the header. Prolly like 125 for the entire system. I paid 300 like 3 weeks before the tranny went, but it has been sitting and has some surface rust on it. It should be easy to clean. its a Kamakaze 4-into-1 system with downpipe, all 2 1/2" ID. You can have the 3A muffler with it. The system was awesome sounding. A throaty stock at low RPM and dominent at high RPM.

The tranny has a hole in it. The engine I had in it prior to this one was
fully built with a Gude turbo system. It was an unreal fast and fun car, It had a NOS dry system in it as well, which I probably used too often. I never swapped out transmissions when the engine went. I swapped out the engine for a stock and used the tranny that was in it. I knew the tranny was shot then but kept driving it as a spare car. Once the engine blew I diverted to a new project car. A RWD.
I priced used trannys at a local junkyard for 3-400, putting them in is pretty easy.

would you be willing to deliver it to 07920 in new jersey?

I think I should be able to work something out. Are you talking the entire car or just parts. The entire car I will have to talk to a friend of mine to setup a date.

if he backs out may be intrested in the exhaust, where you loacted again??

i was talking the whole car, but it turns out that i need a car with a transmission, so dropoutzx2, its all yours. sry kraZJon.

i have a good trans for sale and motor …

what trans? manual zx2? year? miles? lol, sry for all the questions…maybe hit me up via email…(oods_52@oodselectronics.net)

dont need the motor, but the tranny, is a must.



Is the car still available?

I am near Pittsburgh, PA. It’s about 550 miles away. Will your shipper be willing to travel that far, and would you be able to get a price quote from your shipper, per loaded mile?

do you have any pictures of this car?