17x7 wheels

I have a 98 ZX2 and am looking at using a 17x7" Proline 8 spoke type928 wheel that has a 40mm offset and some Ventis 205/40/17 tires. The car has been lowered with Eibach 2" lowering springs. Anybody have any experience with this package to know if it will fit without hitting stuff. It looks awful close. Hipo302

I’ve never heard of a 2" Eibach spring for the ZX2, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist I guess… I’ve got the S/R drop (Eibach Pro springs 1" and Tokico struts) and during the summers put 17x7 Drag DR-5 rims(40mm offset) with 205/40R17 Nitto Neo-Gens on. I only have issues with rubbing with an adult male in the rear over bumps. It’s the passenger rear…nothing else hits anything. I plan to replace my tires next year (if I still have the car) and will be “upgrading” to 215/40R17 Nitto’s.

  • Darron

We mounted the new 7x17xProline 928 style w/40mm offset gunmetal colored wheels and Hankook 205/40R17 Ventis H405 tires tonight and they fit perfectly w/no rubs. The package from Peb Boys walk out with no tax and a set of Mcgard locking lugs was $601.00 for the entire (no pun inteded) deal. That’s $150.25 per tire and wheel deal. Pretty Sweet!