ok, so i know the 2nd gen escorts had 14" rims, and that just about everything on them is the same as on the z. but i am jsut double checking that 14 in. steelies will fit over the brakes…

some z’s came with 14’s too your good

Correct. The steel rims on hub capped ZX2’s are 14" rims.

  • Darron

i have aloys that are 14’s on my auto going to be gone soon just had to put that out there

alright, thanks. need something for the winter, ya know.

When I ran the Z in the winter I used the stock 14 inchers and threw snowies on them, the thing was like a team of huskies. It ran in the snow like a dream.

I just got some steelies with some Kumho Pro Star’s or something on 'em…interested to see how they take the snow…haven’t gotten anything yet…

  • Darron

I run 14" steelies on mine in the winter, and have no problems as far as brake clearance goes. They are black and make my car look like crap, but they work…


  • Darron

It beats having my other wheels exposed to the salt and crap they put on the roads here in Nova Scotia for winter. I hate this place… :x

I hear you pauly. It’s so bad here, Buffalo, NY, I purchased a 2nd car just for the winter.

Hey! I’ve been to Buffalo a few times! Used to live in Belleville, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. I’m in the Military, and just got stationed to Nova Scotia. Hoping to get back to Ontario (to live) soon. We are going there for Christmas, though. I hate driving my car in the winter. Harsh! :cry:

I’m in Ontario (and love it) but I do have a second vehicle for winter now.

yeah. Im starting to get rust on the door sills from the salt and stuff they put on the road. Good thing im planning on getting the car painted in the spring…

Where in Ontario? I was posted to Trenton for 12 years. Just moved to N.S. Hating it here.

Brantford Ontario

We;re posted back to Trenton this summer. We could hook up sometime. We venture out around Toronto quite a bit. Can’t wait to get out of this place!

Sure man, just hit me up on here or via email armiger_dvg@hotmail.com (msn messenger too)